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Shape Your Ideas; Develop Your Mobile App With Digital Indya

Why Mobile Apps?

If your business still doesn’t have a mobile application, your business is at stake. Here are the top reasons why your business needs a Mobile App:

Enhance Growth

Research shows that mobile apps offer a way to optimize your business by enhancing your sales up to 62 %.

Improve Visibility

Since on an average a person spends 2 hours on his phone daily, you are visible to them for a longer duration.

Earn Customer Insights

Mobile apps use analytics to provide customers’ data. Analytics, in turn, offer the best way to increase profitability.

Improve customer engagement

The fact is, people spend 85% of the day on smartphones. Having a mobile app means improved customer engagement.

Manifest your products

The more you display the more you get the sales. Mobile Apps offer a great platform to showcase your products.

Lead the market

Since not every business has a mobile app, the app makes you unique. when you're distinctiveness you lead the market.

Our Capabilities

We have an efficient team of versatile designers and developers. Through their work, they set benchmarks for others to follow. Our team is capable of creating top-notch mobile apps with the following features:

  • Astonishing User Interface (UI)
  • Outstanding performance with fast-paced interface
  • High compatibility with the concerned mobile platform
  • Adaptability to users’ requirements
  • Active customer support system

Our Process

Through our clear and transparent approach, we bring the finest outcomes to enhance your company’s growth. Once you trust us, we work with following methodology:

Building strategy

Defining app's goals and objectives so as to shape your growth ideas.

Shaping the ideas

Analysing the requirements, designing blueprints and defining the team.

Preparing UI/UX design

Creating a user-friendly interface with polished interactive designs.


Following agile development process to build API and backend for the app


Certifying the app by performing a series of testing for assuring quality

Launching App

Launching the app on app stores like Apple App Stores & Google Play Stores

Our portfolio

We are passionate app developement company. We love what we do. Our ardent love for developing mobile apps is reflected in our works. If you like, come and have coffee with us!


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